USAIRE's objective is to foster international understanding and cooperation in the transatlantic aerospace and high-technology communities.
Our current membership consists of over 100 American and European companies and businessmen.

Each year, USAIRE invites top level executives to meet with our members during a series of friendly, professional luncheons. It's an ideal opportunity for our Guest Speakers and the USAIRE members to meet in a congenial, business-like atmosphere. Professionally, it also provides the Guest Speaker the opportunity to present his Company and his views on a subject of his choice. Subjects usually relate to the aerospace and telecommunication fields, but may extend to issues of national or international economic / business interest.

USAIRE was founded in 1959, in Paris, to form a consolidated body of U.S. Aerospace Industry Representatives to interface with government agencies and organizations such as NATO, SHAPE, U.S.A.I.A...

In 1981, USAIRE extended membership to European aerospace companies having close business relationships - joint ventures, licensing agreements, etc. - with U.S. companies. This extension motivated several French companies such as EADS, SNECMA, THALES to join USAIRE. Today, the USAIRE membership represents over 100 American and European companies and businessmen.

USAIRE hosts business luncheons in Paris and Toulouse with guest speakers from industry and government to discuss national and international issues of interest to the aerospace and high technology communities.